HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks

The web, in your pocket

More and more people see the web through the screen of a mobile device. In 2014, mobile web users are set to outnumber desktop web users. Are you ready?

How does your site behave on mobile?

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Building a great mobile user experience

Creating an experience for a small screen requires different thinking. When done right, the mobile web can be as easy to use.

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Optimizing your workflow

Developing for the Mobile web is often thought of as hard. Use these guides to take you from Zero to Mobile Hero.

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Making your site fast

Research shows that users' flow is interrupted if pages take longer than one second to load. To deliver the best experience and keep the visitor engaged, focus on rendering some content, known as the above-the-fold content, to users in one second (or less) while the rest of the page continues to load and render in the background.

Things to remember

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